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    The purpose for this forum is for people to discuss topics and issues on the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) or other EmComm topics.

    This could include recruiting, training, drills, planning, deployment, publicity for ARES groups.

    (ARES is a trade mark of the ARRL)
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    First, thank you and this group for granting me an invitation to join. Now for a little background. I am a member of a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) in North Texas. The Team I am in is a county-wide Team and includes members from a few of the counties that border the 'home' county. This area also has perhaps a little more than its share of bad weather in the spring and summer (tornados and an occasional hurricane near the coast, about 450 miles away). The area also has been in some of the range and forest fires that are common during times of extreme drought. The county Office of Emergency Management, which oversees the CERT program, has been deeply involved in each of these events. As an amateur radio operator, I help in overall communications for the team both between the individual units of the team at the event and between the event site and the EOC.
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    Glad you are able to join us here. In my immediate area, we are usually faced with winter type storms, ice and snow. We can also have flooding and occasionally a tornado or two.
    Elsewhere within the Atlantic Division, on the East Coast we do get hurricanes.

    Thanks for your volunteering!

    - Bill

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