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Have you relayed or delivered a Radiogram message?

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  1. W3JY

    W3JY Active Member

    Welcome to the NTS forum of the Atlantic Division. NTS is the New Thing that never really left. For continental, even global "Grid Down" message relay NTS is the way to go.
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  2. Gilbert Skip Kauffman

    Gilbert Skip Kauffman Moderator Staff Member Bronze Member

    I like the personal touch phone traffic. I have delivered many messages to hams and non-hams by phone.. I also have had traffic that I could not deliver because of the phone number and address. This was caused when the SSB or CW originator or whoever picked up the traffic got he wrong information. I would like to see a hybrid traffic system using digital modes to send traffic across states or countries and then a central point in each section to deliver the traffic. During the Vietnam year we handled great quantities of traffic via RTTY.. I you missed a number or letter using the digital mode you can get an instant resend. There would be hopefully fewer mistakes. I took traffic from the WPA phone traffic net for Potter and Tioga counties. Do to my wife's health I can not be part of the net anymore. I do work with the paNBEMS PEMA/ACS emergency system. I have taken a lot of WX related traffic via digital modes and passed it to the PEMA station.
  3. W3JY

    W3JY Active Member

    There is a digital adjunct to the NTS, NTSD simply enough. It uses HF Pactor as the backbone (in the automated digital subbands) and AX.25 packet just like the old packet network for wide-area nets in urban areas.

    We could use more delivery stations in WPA and we have a Digital Relay Station for the WPA section in Lee, WA3FIY. If you're interested let me know.

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