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    This is not really emergency communications but this is where I post most of the time. So here it goes...

    I just managed to escape the apple peeling chores for a little while so I could send this message to all of you.

    It is Thanksgiving Day TOMORROW! It is a good time to stop and figure out just what you are thankful for. If it is a new radio, a new antenna, or some gizmo in the shack then step back a minute and think. That may be a tough sell for some who are so excited about Amateur Radio that it fills every waking moment of the day.

    It is important to put things in perspective.

    To many of our fellow Hams this Thanksgiving is going to be a tough one. Some in Florida, Texas, and the other parts of our country who have been affected by this particularly nasty Hurricane Season will be looking forward to getting a new oven along with a kitchen to cook their Thanksgiving Dinner next year. This year's Thanksgiving Dinner may be one that is supplied by the charitable goodness of some one other than family.

    And, yes, Puerto Rico is part of the United States. I had to explain that to someone who was upset because the U.S. was sending aid to a "foreign country".

    For Jan, that wonderful wife of mine who I usually refer to as the Lady of the Jones Manor, and me it will be a dinner with Family tonight and a quiet Thanksgiving Day together. I will be devoting the morning of Thanksgiving Day to help the Columbia Montour ARC with the "Run for the Diamonds" but that is a quick morning and then home. I'll be the up early one to slide our turkey into the oven and start it on its journey to our table. Jan can sleep a bit longer and I'll get a chance to do something useful for the CMARC guys and girls.

    We attended a wonderful Thanksgiving Church service last night with many of the different churches of Duryea assembled in one church. It was very moving and gratifying. No differences of thought or other dividing interests. Just one assembled group giving Thanks for whatever moved us to be thankful for and then sitting and talking in the hall. Sitting and Talking with our Neighbors. Something that should be done more often.

    Take some time to be thankful for family (though they may not share your amateur radio passion), friends, and even your pets. Time is fleeting and no one knows how long what is here today will be here. Don't let Thanksgiving Day be just another day.

    Give thanks for those that love and care about you and let those that you are Thankful for know you are. Might make them more thankful for you.

    God Bless All Of You! Happy Thanksgiving!


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