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Discussion in 'Skywarn Storm Spotting' started by W.T. Jones, May 23, 2014.

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    On Thursday, May 22, a band of severe Thunderstorms moved through Luzerne County. Some wx activity just doesn't always affect everyone in the county. I head the alert and got the alertpa email that warned that a Severe WX event was in progress until 8PM.

    About 2PM, while working on an APRS project I heard a call over our local repeater for a someone to relay a message to NWS about a Skywarn report. It was a friend, N3OGD. Al gave me the info on dime size hail on Carverton Road near Luzerne, PA. I took the info and called the 800 number for Binghamton NWS Office.

    Well, you would have thought I was bearing gifts fit for a King from the reception I got. "This is great! Thanks. Can we call you back if we have questions?" I gave him my number and told him to feel free to call if he needed something.

    I called N3OGD back and told him report delivered.

    After 20 minutes later N3OGD calls again with a hail report in Forty Fort, PA. I picked up the report and called Binghamton NWS again. I got a different Forecaster this time. He was kind of flabbergasted. He yelled from the phone "someone is actually calling in from Pennsylvania!" I gave him the report and he was very pleased to get it. "Call us again if it is still going on in 30 minutes." I talked to Al and he said he'd monitor but it was dissipating as we were talking. I called that in and the Forecaster said "that was great but not for the people south of you."

    This was the first Skywarn report I had given in, what, 16 years. It was great! The guys on the other end of the phone were really happy to get this stuff. It may seem insignificant to us but this was really important to them.

    And it felt so good to do that. And was even nicer to have someone say Thanks for the effort.

    Get yourself some Skywarn training, listen on the air, activate a Skywarn net or two, and you can feel that same feeling of reward for doing something good.
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    Yes, Virginia, people really live in Pennsylvania.

    It is very cool when we're able to pass correct info to the weather service. We're in the northern edge of the State College US weather service office and have worked with that office and the Buffalo weather service office because we are 2 miles from the PA and NY border.
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    Just be thankful you are on the right side of that border! ;)
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    Although we occasionally get lake effect snow, generally, Jamestown is kind enough to take that hit for us.

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