Skywarn Activations March 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Skywarn Storm Spotting' started by wedgar, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Was anyone's local weather service activating Skywarn due to the cold temperatures or due to the snow storms?
  2. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ Moderator Staff Member

    While our NWS may trigger weather alert radios for severe weather in a Blizzard Warning, they will not activate SkyWarn. Our NWS does ask Spotteres to report snowfall amounts though.
  3. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Got this from a friend in DC area. Looks like theymight get a little slow.

    Washington, DC, Area

    The following message applies only to March 3, 2014

    FEDERAL OFFICES in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED. Emergency and telework-ready employees required to work must follow their agency's policies, including written telework agreements.

    Non-emergency employees (including employees on pre-approved paid leave) will be granted excused absence (administrative leave) for the number of hours they were scheduled to work unless they are:

    required to telework,on official travel outside of the Washington, DC, area,on leave without pay, oron an alternative work schedule (AWS) day off.

    Telework-Ready Employees who are scheduled to perform telework on the effective day of the announcement or who are required to perform telework on a day when Federal offices are closed must telework the entire workday or request leave, or a combination of both, in accordance with their agency's policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements.

    Emergency Employees are expected to report to their worksite unless otherwise directed by their agencies.

    NOTE: Official operating status updates are posted on our website at
  4. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ Moderator Staff Member

    Gee, all that for 10 inches of snow? It takes 16+ inches in 8 hours or less to do anything even close to that here. In other words not much shuts down here unless they have to pull the snow plows off the roads. That only happens when we get major snow events with high winds. There's been a lot of big snow storms here, but so far the most violent was the Armistice Day Blizzard of November 11, 1940. That was before my time, but if it were to happen in this day and age it would be considered a disaster rivaling Hurricane Katrina! My dad was caught in it and had to walk most of the way back home from the University of Minnesota. He said all the Street Car wires were froze over with ice so public transportation was disabled. There were six foot snow drifts across the road that had to be climbed over! The temperature before the storm hit was in the mid 60's, so my dad only had on a light spring jacket. His walk home was 1-1/2 miles. 60 MPH winds whipped driving snow in his face. Traffic on the roads was at a standstill. It was quite an adventure. You can even read about it on Wikipedia:
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  5. wedgar

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    I thought it was nice seeing our Senators and Representatives getting a snow job, just like they give us! :rolleyes:

    I do remember 'The Mother of all Snow Storms' that hit in the middle of March in the mid-90's. We had about 4 feet of snow on a Saturday that started around 2 and it snowed till around 9pm same day.
  6. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ Moderator Staff Member

    Four feet of snow all at once? How did you get out of your front door afterwards?
  7. wedgar

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  8. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ Moderator Staff Member

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  9. wedgar

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    I'll pass on that. :)

    Hoping to see warmer weather real soon now.

    A buddy explained that warmer was right around the corner, but no one could find which corner.
  10. Jerrysez

    Jerrysez Member

    Unfortunately - NO!

    When I first became a ham, I went to the Skywarn classes and then was told the reason why my name never came up was because the classes were given in the State College region and I lived just across the line in the Pittsburgh region.

    When I attended the western region - advanced skywarn class - they did not include me because there was no record of me attending their basic skywarn class.

    Skywarn in my opinion is a total waste of time!

    Also attending the Skywarn classes were firemen and other public safety people.
    When something happens in my region - these are the people that are called, mainly due to the fact that the important people knows these people and recognizes these people.

    HamRadio isn't very well known or represented in my area...
    Being the only HAM in Punxsutawney and one of only three active hams in the whole county on HF doesn't really do much to promote amateur radio in a positive light!

    The sad thing is - it is the HAMS that requests the SkyWarn class....
  11. DoctorZ

    DoctorZ Moderator Staff Member


    It is so sad that your area is so devoid of a good organized Skywarn network. If public safety people are being called up to spot, it tells me that there are no organized Skywarn Repeater Nets that cover your county. If this is the case, and you are well informed and interested in the weather, why not contact your local NWS Office and start to organize your own official skywarn network?

    I live less than two miles from what is considered the edge of my metro area. The county just to my north, Isanti County, was simply not covered under our Metro Skywarn. A local high school kid who had an interest in the weather contacted our NWS and with the permission of his mom, organized the entire county's Skywarn network! It's been growing ever since, with regular Net activations and even their own Web Page.
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  12. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    In our county, we've had an excellent rapport with both the State College and the Buffalo Weather offices in reporting weather incidents and have had both offices reach out to ask our hams who have had Skyward training for information.

    It may be important for your club to reach out and talk to the ARES emergency coordinator to see how your club can get involved.
  13. Gilbert Skip Kauffman

    Gilbert Skip Kauffman Moderator Staff Member Bronze Member

    I encourage all tech's to become involved in ARES.... The 2 meter repeaters can be one of the best local sources of WX info. Each county has a ARRL ARES EC who should start a WX net with SKYWARN volunteers. The local repeaters have the best venue for this.... All classes of Amateur Licenses can participate. I spend my time as NCS for the paNBEMS/ACS digital net.... The WAN WX Net NCS sends the WX info to me via FLdigi.. I then send it to the State KB3NIA station. The reason the state wants local weather is to use the observed WX and compare it to the radar info from State College. It is important that the observed WX is correct...... I aall tolso serve as Potter CO ARRL ARES EC......I am activated as paNBEMS/ACS directly from Harrisburg.... I would ask all 2 meter operators to help with the WX reports for ARRL ARES Net.

    Tnx to all the folks that relay WX from their counties. de Skip K3CC
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