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    I hope your new years have all begun well and I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.

    I asked to be a member of this forum for one reason; it is primarily a communications emergency forum for Amateur Radio Operators. In my mind, emergency communicators should be or should want to be informed, interested persons that are aware of situations that might lead to a communications emergency. They are silly people that watch the weather for days in advance; operate personal home weather stations and tie to the national weather service; join emergency groups such as ARES; gain certifications from multiple and varying affiliates; purchase extra or backup equipment for use in communications emergencies; and on and on.

    One often overlooked source of communication emergency is social unrest or strife. I believe that it is overlooked because of a common American mis-claim. A mis-claim that is often heard in bars out of the real fear that someone in the crowd is incapable of hearing a philosophical opinion that is personally disturbing without reacting badly. It is the same type of feared behavior that is associated with overzealous sports fans and sports gamblers.

    I thought and hoped that this forum would be comprised of a group of professionals that could receive information as information and not see offered information as propaganda or as politically motivated and assaultive.

    Two things, please. Remember the play/movie West Side Story; in the play, Officer Krupke, the actual neighborhood peace maker, is mocked by those that claim he just doesn't understand. And then, I often post multiple 'initial' offerings just to divide my thoughts - almost as in chapters.
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    Gangs in America

    Any google-like search of this topic leads to lists of gangs that were and/or are active and dangerous in America. None could be more infamous than Hell's Angels. The Angel's are international. They have chapters all over the northern hemisphere notably excepting China and the Muslim nations from China back around to the Atlantic.

    In our history, gangs have been an early and active part of each group that has entered America. My Irish family has roots in Hell kitchen, Five Points and Red Hook - The Gangs of New York. I have cousins in Queens that were active gang members until they tired of it and became firemen. I have cousins, distant cousins that were in the Winter Hill Gang.

    Gangs are a part of each society and of every society, even ones having loving families such as mine.

    In the past three year or so, the flash mob has become a teenage phenomenon that has struck Philadelphia several times. So far, it has been disruptive and not deadly or otherwise very dangerous.

    In some places, this may be changing.
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    A Nation of Immigrants

    I am the first native born son of immigrants; to some a member of a conquering class; a class that has helped to displace and replace the native Pennsylvanians. My wife is a new immigrant; foolishly she married me, left her own society and becoming part of mine. She did not re-establish her first home here. We have lived in Pennsylvania since our marriage and I have lived here since my teenage years.

    What is today the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was, not too long ago, Native American lands. The tribal groups were the Ohioans and Shawnee, the Erieans, The Senecas and Oneidas of the Iroquois, the Leni-Lenape and the Munsee of the Delawareans. Yet, these natives, the original immigrants, are not even represented with native reservations; Pennsylvania has no native lands remaining.

    New immigrants have all the land. The natives, the original immigrants, have nothing that is theirs.

    This is not a cry against immigration. It is a statement of fact posted here by one of the immigrant class. Immigrants, in large numbers, people fleeing hunger or oppression or war, do not migrate to join another group and become a different people. They migrate to reestablish or to maintain what was home elsewhere in the new place. In migrations of large numbers of a people, the entire society comes to the new place; even the gangs; even the equivalent of our own 'Angels.'
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    A couple months ago, I posted addresses for articles regarding Mid-Eastern refugees and problems refugee accepting nations were having with increased crime especially with criminal behavior towards women.

    So far, I have shown that I believe that criminal behavior and essentially all criminal behavior is universal. It all exists everywhere. All peoples, cultures, have it.

    This forum has a politics section. I like that. I don't intend though to press a person political agenda on other members but I will post news that may be of import to emergency personnel especially volunteer emergency communicators. If we are in the game we must be so in an informed and contemplative manner.

    So far I have discussed American gangs (criminals) and flash mobs and American cultural impact on pre-Americans.

    Here are some tamped-down, less hysterical news addresses that re-address issues some Europeans were concerned with over the last year.

    NEW YORK TIMES - re: gangs, flashmobs and sexual assaults.

    HUFFINGTON POST - re: same

    I am searching for some Liberal commentaries on these occurrences. They are hard to come by. As a matter of fact, in Germany on New Year's Day and the day after, the equivalent of piggy back shopper papers were carrying these stories. The mainstream Newspapers did not touch the story until January 3, and American papers began to touch these stories until January 5. By mainstream media, worldwide, about three German Cities were sites of the reported 'flash mobs' yet the piggyback shoppers are reporting these incidents in four European nations and eleven major European cities, all during New Year's celebrations. There is actually marching in the street demanding the removal of politicians much as in Chicago for the ouster of Rahm Emanuel for cover-ups regarding these incidents.

    Last note - all concerned are just like us - we have our gangs and our criminals - we are no different - or is it others are no different from us?
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    The Courier Times is my local news rag. In a staff piece today, a columnist wrote about …"our"…America's…"capacity to make judicious decisions about whom we should admit and whom we should not."

    "The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive" is touted to be an accurate history of the KGB, its successor the SVR and of their dozen predecessors. It is a presentation of material that is claimed to be taken from an actual/the actual central Soviet/Russian intelligence archive. A second book, "The World Was Going Our Way," is further release of 'archival' information regarding Soviet intelligence in Southeast Asia, Africa and South and Central America. The historical value of these releases is argued. However, in the Battle of Hue during the TET offensive, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese documents with lists of citizens of Hue who were to be and were eliminated, surfaced. These same documents are found in Soviet archival documents. The intelligence service of North Vietnam was largely organized and trained by the East German Stasi (Staatssicherheit). The Stasi were renowned for their intelligence archive and techniques; they were the best. In the 1950's Soviet archives followed Stasi examples.

    So what? Well, after the reunification of Germany, the Germans interests, especially business, learned of the Stasi systems and adapted them. If Germany could or would not use such proven and available intelligence techniques and could not foresee the events written about in the offered articles why would Americans believe thorough and pointed investigations will occur here.

    With the gang problems we already have, how much should we dare more?

    A last note - America has many people of principle in each party but no party of principle - this is a near quote - have fun; google it; read more.

    Liberty is born of effort and information; remove information and effort is useless.

    Mike - WE3L

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