QRZ.com Website Undergoing Major Upgrade

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  1. The popular QRZ.com website has been undergoing a major upgrade since last Friday, and things are going a bit more slowly than initially anticipated.

    “The QRZ forums are still down as we work on the software known as vBulletin 5,” owner Fred Lloyd, AB7Q, announced on the site. “We’re devoting maximum effort to this and, in the meantime, feel free to browse the rest of the site. We hope to have t...

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  2. wedgar

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    As a side note, they are using a forum software vBulletin 5.0+ that has been very buggy. I started using that version several years ago and had many issues with it.

    This forum software is being developed by a group of former vBulletin staffers who weren't happy with the direction their company was going.

    Hopefully QRZ will be able to get back on the air soon...

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