NTS Response to ECAC Final Recommendations

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    From the NTS:

    To NTS Officials, Section Managers and Section Emergency Coordinators

    The National Traffic System, as represented by our senior national staff members, thanks you for the opportunity to address the Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC) Final Recommendations report of December, 2013, recently released to the general public.

    NTS is pleased the ARRL and ECAC regard NTS highly enough to dedicate the many hundreds of hours spent to understand our organization and our status. The ECAC team did outstanding work and their diligence and perseverance is a testament to the highest ideals of Our Code as laid out by The Old Man himself. Even so, and not surprisingly given the immensity of the task, misperceptions and disagreements over particular findings were inevitable.

    In the attached document, which we call the “NTS Response”, we set out a detailed and point-by-point discussion of the specific findings and recommendations we believe to be erroneous or mistaken. We took great pains to ensure this response was, well, responsive to ECAC and not reactionary of the pride and ego inevitably invested in our System. In that spirit, we also discussed the many areas where NTS and ECAC were in general agreement but thought a deeper analysis would benefit any subsequent course of action. The original ECAC report, for those who did not receive it, may be accessed via the link in section 2 of the White Paper.

    This White Paper has been delivered to the ARRL Programs and Services Committee (P&SC) for review. We would like all the members of the Public Service Amateur Radio community to be aware of the ECAC and NTS reports so they can understand the concerns and issues at hand.

    Our Response is made with four general purposes in mind:

    1. Address the major misunderstandings about NTS that have arisen since both papers were published,

    2. Provide up-to-date information about the operation and organization of the NTS and Digital NTS (NTSD) as well as the Radio-email communications layer (Winlink 2000) and how it may be used by both the ARES and NTS,

    3. Present a more detailed explanation and rationale of the NTS counter proposal where it differs from the ECAC proposal,

    4. Clarify the NTS position regarding all portions of the ECAC report where NTS is addressed.

    While some of our Response is unavoidably duplicative, as it follows the ECAC report’s language, we believe it is presented such that amateurs not intimately involved with NTS can quickly follow our logic and train of thought.

    While we believe our Response speaks for itself, we ask and encourage you to seek us out if we can better answer your questions and concerns in person.

    With sincere collegial thanks and appreciation,


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    Thanks for sharing!
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