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Discussion in 'Elmers' started by Gilbert Skip Kauffman, Sep 14, 2015.

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    Most all hams today have a 2 meter transceiver installed in a vehicle..... Now is the time to insure it works before the winter snow and rains...... The first place I would look is under the hood.... THe power lines to the radio should be attached to the battery with a circuit breaker or fuse....Because of the Lead acid batteries give off gas that is corrosive remove the power wires and clean them with baking soda and water...This will remove any corrosion and clean the connections.....Check the fuse and clean the holder of necessary..... Reattach the wires and make sure they are tight....Inspect the hole though which the wire go into the vehicle.....Make sure the wire has not pulled through the hole and cut the insulation of the wire....Now, inside the vehicle, inspect the mounting bracket and antenna connections.....Tighten if necessary.....If you haven't, install a mic holder to hang your mic when not in use. To many times you hear stations that folks sat on their mic and hear music or their conversations with their wife.... Please use a holder.... That way the mic cord will not be wrapped around the steering wheel, or pulled out of the radio when caught on something.
    Now attack the antenna.....Check the seal between the car body and the antenna mount. Inside the car, inspect the wire connected to the antenna mount.... Inspect the antenna itself..... Coaxial radomes can crack, and split. This lets water in the antenna coils and the SWR go crazy....I would spray them with a clear lacquer...Do not use WD-40.......The mag mounts have their own issues.... Inspect the coax where it passes through the door seals.
    Todays cars have airplane type doors and they seal very well....Inspect for bends and cracks in the outer jacket of the coax....Here, you may use WD-40 but wipe it off after spraying it on..... THe best thing is to go to a auto parts store and look for a rubber perseverative.......Usually made out of silicon..... Your inspection is complete... Now check the SWR of the antenna... and your done.....If the SWR is off, follow the manufactures instructions for tuning the antenna....You should be ready for the winter blues and snow.....
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    Ya think we're gonna get some snow soon?

    Good information.
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    Under the heading of "believe it or not" we have a local Ham who has been a prodigious EME Ham for almost all of his ham life time. He finally got a 2 meter rig in his car 2 weeks ago. First time in his life he has been above the eme window on 2 meters.
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    Woo Hoo! He's finally come back down to Earth. :D
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    That might be a bit punny. You can lookup K2LNS to see his impressive antennas for other vhf/uhf/shf frequencies.
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    I'll check that out. It had to have been a very punny day.

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