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    MACRO Test - Test for RXID and TXID

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    Nice job! What is the file extension for the macro itself? You may be able to upload that also.
  3. Jerrysez

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    The most irritating thing about working FlDigi - is when you get a bunch of guys that doesn't know how to operate it and doesn't have their RxId and TxId turned on and they are not centered on 1500 and their transmissions makes my computer tune on 1500 jump around.

    I think some people are in such a big hurry to do these things that they don't take the time to learn how to do them.
    And, I think the people that designed these things are computer people and they think that because they know how to do it that you should also.

    The best thing that could happen would be if the people that wants more people to work FlDigi could put on workshops where they could teach new people how to operate FlDigi.. The learning curve is very steep and the people that operates Fldigi doesn't wait around for you to catch up.

    The only other gripe I have about it is when a new version comes out and instead of the new version modifying the older version with a update - they request that you delete the older version and upload the newer version.
    meanwhile many artifacts from the older version is still present in your computer.
  4. wedgar

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    Harry Bloomberg W3YJ, Western PA Section Emergency Coordinator, has traveled far and wide to train people on using fldigi and NBEMS. He is one of the people who have been working on NBEMS and working to make easier to use.

    Now, it might be said more training sessions would be helpful.
  5. Jerrysez

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    The problem with Harry is that he has reduced it to it's lowest level, telling people that it is ok to use acoustic coupling and handheld radios via a lap top computer.

    I don't think Harry knows as much as the other FlDigi core members such as Dave. KB3FXI
    Unfortunately - Dave has to work for a living.

    In a real emergency, these people needs to have some sort of HF radio and a Signalink and this type of comm's needs to be done using simplex and 80 meters - since 80 meters will talk both distance and locally.

    Just using your local repeater and a handheld does teach people how to use the software, but doesn't teach the people enough about EmComm's.. The bigger problem is - getting more people involved. There is many counties with no liaisons and there is some counties that has EC's that doesn't even own a radio other then a handheld...

    Some counties don't even have any kind of a net and they might participate a little with the neighboring counties - but in a real emergency - a local boy is 1000 times more valuable then a outsider.
    Most of the people here knows the back roads like the back of their hand and if you tell them to go somewhere - you don't have to explain to them how to get there.
    And if it is a disaster - they are going to be too busy working in their own county to come to my county to participate.

    The locals here have been shut out of the RACES and the EC for so long - the old hams doesn't want to participate anymore - since being told to go home after the 96' flood and the new hams don't have anyone to tell them that these programs exists.

    Some clubs are even reluctant to do anything as a group and just ignores the problem.
    While one club centered it's entire focus around ARES / Races and then never did anything about it other then have a couple of classes and then hang their members out to dry.

    Too many people has been drinking the Kool-Aid, we don't know who to believe or what to do about it...
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    I guess may Harry is planting the seeds but we'll have to be the ones that nurture the seedlings.

    I won't expect our club to get on the band wagon. Takes too long to wake up the members after the meeting to get them to go home.

    But we'll show it to them and then try it on the repeaters with a few of use having some FUN with it. I am a bit slow to learn but I've noticed that as soon as someone seems like they are having some fun with Fldigi then others want to find out how to do it. Dave, KB3FXI, suggested that technique and darn if it isn't working.
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    People are willing to try and then use if they have a good 'cheer leader' and they have fun. Fun keeps them coming back.

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