Local Nets vs. the Internet

Discussion in 'Skywarn Storm Spotting' started by W.T. Jones, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Just getting Skywarn up and running here.

    I have spoken to the NWS office that services our area. Nice people. It was nicer when the office was located at the KAVP airport but that has gone the way of centralization.

    They mentioned that they were really liking all the Internet reporting such as Facebook but they really valued more the ground truth that the Hams provide.

    My thoughts on that were to activate a local ARES net for Skywarn purposes. Some folks are wondering why. I still think that a central resource collecting the reports and on the air makes a lot of sense. One of the main reasons is that even if I collect the reports and put them in via the Internet the NWS Office can still get back to me for further clarifications. And it is easier to view the damage of any possible storm while on site and from a safe position of course so that questions from the NWS can be asked and responded to in real time.

    The Internet is great but a person with an iPhone may or may not be as reliable for storm spotting or damage assessment.

    Any thoughts?
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    I would think the main factor would be is the person reporting on the storm a Trained Spotter, or not? Here in Minnesota, there are many ways to submit storm reports, but they always give priority to the reports made by trained spotters. A trained spotter is one who has been certified through a National Weather Service Spotting Course, and has been issued a Spotter ID # or Badge.
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    And first thing to go down in events is the cell phone network.

    We should use the fastest and most accurate method to get information to the weather service if it falls with safety of life and property traffic.

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