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  1. David Kleber - KB3FXI

    David Kleber - KB3FXI Moderator Staff Member

    Can anyone say "false flag"? If not, maybe you should turn off the TV and do a little research into world history.

    Here we go again after all the big false flags... the sinking of the Lusitania (WWI false flag), Pearl Harbor (WWII false flag), Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam false flag), 9/11 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Gulf War false flag).

    Here's some interesting clips along the lines of this subject...

    Syria was/is on the list. And the common theme is killing the countries who don't play along with the IMF and who try to avoid trading in the US dollar, which, under the Federal Reserve, is controlled by international banking cartels ... the greatest ponzi scheme ever devised in recorded human history.

    The situation in France is quite an excuse for a military intervention into Syria. And in another amazing twist of fate, the pristine passport from the terrorist shows up just like the one that fell from the twin towers on 9/11. Absolutely Remarkable.

    The international banking cartels and the military industrial complex seem to be compelled to run this little planet of ours into a burning hell.

    Keep watching the TV news. The repeal of Smith-Mundt should tell us all something.

    Oh, geez... I almost forget this clip...

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  2. David Kleber - KB3FXI

    David Kleber - KB3FXI Moderator Staff Member

    Bush, Albright and Clinton... little snapshots of pure evil.
  3. Michael J Malone

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    This is the above link referred to below -

    I have received a note from Tony, Moderator, asking that I re-post the above in English. Whatever Tony thinks is best is fine with me. Push 1) for English only or 2) for something interesting. I would like to push 2) and think that a little surprise is waiting for anyone that choses to use the above link. If the above posting is against the rules, I apologize. But, we are rapidly becoming a bilingual country and if Gov. Wolf succeedes, a tri-lingual commonwealth.

    For the post, though, in English just doesn,t cut it - if it is offensive or rule breaking, removed it. This entire post is written without animus.

    ps - Tony - what do you mean the post is on hold - it is still viewable on the list!

    Good evening to all.

    Mike - WE3L
  4. Tony

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    The post has been removed from public view and will be deleted. It is simply against our rules to post in a foreign language. That's the long and the short.

    Can I translate it? Probaby. I used to speak French quite fluently. No longer, though. It would be a struggle.

    Bilingual, trilingual doesn't matter. Our forum is English.

    You post in French and we don't know what you are saying. And if W.T. decided to post in Italian, lord help us. Then along comes David with German.

    See where I'm going?

    Let's keep it in English, where we have a difficult enough time understanding each other.
  5. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    Looked the rules up again. I had read them; this one eluded memory.

    From the posted rules - All post must be made in English.

    Sorry I forgot this.

    If I transgress again, please just state so simply and revove the post. No posting of mine is intended to be set in stone.

    Pleasant evening all.

    Mike - WE3L
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    Hi Mike,

    Although your post was well intentioned, the forum requests that posts be made in English. That is so we can all communicate to each other.

    I can go to a store in the US and hear people talking Spanish and although I had six years of Spanish, I haven't used it and it gets rusty. I don't understand what is being said, and if I try using Spanish, since I'm rusty someone might not understand me or even worse I have unintentionally insulted someone by saying something I didn't mean to say.

    I go to another store (same city) and hear mid-eastern talk by people in that store.

    If we're in the US, we should speak English...

    Now, if you've got a couple words or even a sentence in a foreign language, I don't see a problem with that.

    Thanks for understanding.

    - Bill
  7. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Thanks for understanding...

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