FEMA and ARRL Sign Agreement; FEMA Administrator Calls Ham Radio “Resilient”

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  1. The ARRL and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have announced a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will enhance cooperation between the League and FEMA in the area of disaster communication. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, KK4INZ, and ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, signed the agreement July 18 during the ARRL National Centennial Convention at the Connecticut Convention Center i...

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    If you haven't read KK4INZ's comments you should. His comment about the more complicated our systems become the more fragile they are. Just corralling the documentation following Katrina to rebuild previously used networks was almost impossible. The complexity factor, out of date documentation, missing key personnel, lack of contacts with vendors, missing hardware, stolen hardware, dangerous condx in buildings, and other factors meant that replacing the systems was out of the question and that new systems had to be built from scratch and that was done without knowing the requirements so there was waste because the new implementations were overbuilt. Not the best way in the world to re-core a network.

    Amateurs must guard against the very same over complication. We just might find ourselves in the same boat as the commercial enterprises by having overly complicated repeater systems and such that cannot be put back together in a hurry during a disaster. Sometimes KISS is a good principle.

    It may be a bit boring but it is easier in the long run.

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