EPAEPTN: New Net Manager, Tom Mills AF4NC

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    The EPA Section is pleased to announce the appointment of AF4NC to the Section Staff:

    Tom Mills AF4NC of Yardley, Bucks County, Penna. will be the new Net Manager of the official Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Phone and Traffic Net (EPAEPTN) which meets daily on 3917kHz at 6pm.

    Tom is an active traffic handler and member of the Brass Pounders League since the 1980s, regularly working SSB and CW nets in the Mid Atlantic region. An ARRL Life Member and former Assistant Director for the West Gulf Division, Tom is broadly experienced in the Field Organization and is a member of the A1 Operators Club.

    Tom holds degrees from San Diego State University and Cal Tech Pasadena studying math and physics respectively. A private aviation pilot by trade, Tom retired from commercial flying but stays current in the cockpit of a friend’s Cessna Citation. Tom became a ham radio operator by way of the U.S. Marine Corps where he was trained in San Diego as an SSB technician for ground support equipment. A visit to a MARS shack hooked him on ham radio and he went on to become a ham and MARS operator himself, running many phone patches from Viet Nam and Japan.

    Retirement has not slowed Tom down and, when he’s not in the shack, can be heard operating QRP while backpacking up, down and across these United States, often indulging his second hobby of wildlife photography.
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    Visit AF4NC's QRZ page and click on this photo collection! Absolutely awesome pictures! I spent a good hour just perusing the photos. What a talent for photography!
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    Pretty impressive portfolio, yes?
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    I'll have to check it out.
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    Congrats to Tom.

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