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    Little is taught of the modern Civil Rights Movement in the United States today. Hell, little was ever taught, but today even less. Sad!

    1898 - Michael King born - later renamed self - Martin Luther King Sr. - Christian Minister - known for his outspoken nature - would tell white police officers in harassing car stops and such the equivalent of today's 'bite me' until he was addressed politely and properly.

    1909 - NAACP formed. King Sr. became a local leader while Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta GA..

    1942 - CORE, the Council on Racial equality - already active - having declared adherence to non-violence.

    1944 - Philadelphia Transportation Company strike ended - PTC unions refused to hire Blacks - Blacks successfully labeling racism as Fascism - strike forcibly ended with striking many union leaders sent to fight in South Pacific, reportedly on Papua New Guinea.

    1953 - Reverend Theodore Jemison of Baton Rouge - successful boycott of the local transportation system.

    1954 - Brown v Board of Education - Topeka Kansas - opening education to all. (Many would argue that quality education is withheld from most, still today, though).

    1956 - President Eisenhower sends Civil Rights Act legislation to Congress - Legislation intended to end mistreatment of Blacks - esp. Blank troops that had fought for US.

    1957 - LBJ and JFK gut proposed legislation and pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 - gutted to keep Dixiecrats from revolting and again threaten the Democratic Party - 1964, 65 and 68 Civil Rights Acts repaired the damage to Eisenhower's original legislation.

    1953 - MLK finishes 'classroom' work and begins to consider PhD dissertation.

    1954 - January - MLK guest preaches at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery AL.

    1954 - September 1954 - MLK made Minister of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

    Back it up a little

    1861 - January - Alabama leaves Union over slavery.
    February - Davis takes oath of office as President of Confederacy on steps of Alabama State House.

    1954 - again - Dexter Avenue Baptist Church is across the street, cattycorner to the State House.
    1955 - Rosa parks keeps her seat on the bus in Montgomery.

    'And we are on our way to 1968.'

    What if ?????

    If MLK, Jr. was born in 1880, with no national news - papers, radio, TV - who would have heard of him or any of his group. Communication was paramount to each Civil Rights success.

    PS MLK was born Michael King, Jr.

    Mike - WE3L
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    Communication is essential...

    It brought about the destruction of the Berlin Wall...

    It is essential in class-action suits.

    As amateur radio operators, we know it is essential in disasters.

    Golly, even the wrong application of communications has implications. If what is being said of Hilary Clinton with her use of a private email server is correct, leaving secret governmental communications available to other governments, may have negative effects. And communications were responsible for bringing these potential communication issues to light.

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