Bob Josuweit WA3PZO Appointed as a Moderator for the Club Newsletter Forum

Discussion in 'Club Newsletters' started by wedgar, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Bob has served as the newsletter editor for the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club newsletter for the past 10 years. Additionally, Bob has served on the ARRL Public Relations Committee for 10 years and as the EPA PIC and as a PIO at various times.

    He is a ARRL McGan Award Winner.

    Bob was Public Service Editor for CQ and CQ VHF for over 12 years. He's had articles on ham radio published in several non-ham publications. Additionally, some of his CQ articles have been translated and published in amateur radio magazines in Europe.

    Bob exchanges newsletters with several clubs in PA and read/scan other Division club newsletters that are on line as time permits.

    We are pleased to welcome Bob as the moderator for the Club Newsletter Forum.

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