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    Photos from the 2017 Warminster Hamfest in Bristol, PA. It was a Good Time Had By All Event!
    An ARRL ARES Communicator's Comments
    The Way It Used To Be - Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club...
    - I used to hear tales of the feats of the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club when I was just getting into Ham Radio in the 1960's. This club has a long history of service to Ham Radio and the Community at large. On May 10th I will have the opportunity to address the Phil-Mont Club at their club meeting in Willow Grove, PA. Their web site is and I recommend you take a moment and visit it.

    There is a video on their web site named "Every Single Minute" and it is OLD but well worth the 24 minutes it takes to view it. It truly shows the Amateur Radio Public Service Spirit as portrayed by the "Old Iron" men of the 50's. This was mobile radio when it took more than buying a transceiver, an antenna, and just plugging in to the "12 volt outlet" in the car. Take the time to watch it. I am sure that you will understand why that stuff captured my imagination when I was a teenager.

    New Flmsg Test to follow the Bulletin Transmission...
    - I have been sending an Flmsg test at the end of the Sunday Bulletin transmission to test the configuration of the NBEMS portion of Fldigi. If the Flmsg program started and displayed the message all was well. If not then there was work to be done.

    After attending the Special Fldigi meeting that was held last month Ian, K3IK, suggested doing a file transfer of the new "Radiological Emergency Notification Report" so that everyone knows they have the file in the right location. That was an idea that interested me and merited further exploration.

    The drawback is that some of our LCARES members might not have the form in the first place. That kind of makes the test useless. I could put the file on the web site which I have but I really don't think many people actually go and get it. There is another way to do it. That is to use the Flmsg program to transfer the file. That tests the file transfer and after that the Flmsg transfer of the Radiological Emergency Notification Form. From here on the form is known as renr to save my fingers and space in the file.

    The problem is that this whole thing needs to be as automated has possible. Well, I have successfully figured out how to do that. It works, as they say, in the lab. Will it work on Sunday night when I press the F7 button to send the final part of the Bulletin? We'll find out tonight.

    If this does not work this week I'd appreciate an email to the usual address but this week is just a test. Bugs have to be worked out and time this week is really at a premium.

    So here is what is going to happen.

    The normal "after the bulletin" transmission will happen. During the post bulletin transmission a file transfer will happen. When it finishes you will have do press the "SAVE" button to store the file in the CUSTOM directory. You don't have to do anything with the file manager or find the folder or anything. Just press the SAVE button. Flmsg will store the file in the right folder for you.

    I am going to pause the transmission for 30 seconds before sending the message that uses the file. I am hoping this works but if it doesn't I'll figure something out.

    This is what the SAVE screen will look like on your computer. Again, just click on the SAVE button that is outlined in red.

    After that the Flmsg transmission that uses the renr_new.html file will happen. If everything worked then Flmsg will open and you can click on the "View Form" button to actually see the file.

    Remember that the transmission will pause for 30 seconds to allow you to click on the "SAVE" button. The Flmsg transmission will continue with the RENR form containing test information. If you don't save the file you will get a message stating that the Form File was not found. If you get it and have not pressed the SAVE button on the previous message then just go back and press the SAVE button. Next week it will work.

    If you miss it this week don't worry. You will have another chance next week.

    The LCEMA Comm Exercise Photos...
    - This weekend I will be at the Eastern Pennsylvania Section Convention at the Warminster Hamfest. So this version of the Sunday Night Bulletin is going to be mostly the photos that were sent to me by the Comm Exercise Participants. Some interesting and not so interesting photos. There are a few of N3SRO's Pilot's View of the World. I hope you enjoy them. It will be back to normal next weekend.

    And here they are in no particular order...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]




    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    (LCARES Challenge - email the name of the button that has to be pressed after the Flmsg File Transfer is complete to
    EPA-ARRL Web site...
    - If you have not done it yet then what are you waiting for? Get to the EPA-ARRL web site and either submit your email address or like it on Facebook. It is the place to get the information and news about the EPA Section.

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