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    An ARRL ARES Communicator's Comments
    - Today is Easter and for Christians it is the reason we rejoice because we believe our Saviour beat the grave and lives. I know it is a belief that I cling to with the greatest of tenacity.

    However, I do respect those that believe otherwise and honor their right to believe otherwise. I am even known to engage those with other beliefs so that I can be more knowledgeable about the religious beliefs that others in this wonderful world hold dear. Many of those that have beliefs other than what I hold dear are respected and trusted friends who I can talk to and converse with on many topics including religion. I sincerely feel that those conversations and discussions make me a more complete person with a greater appreciation for the various cultures of the world.

    I am so glad that God gave me the open mind to discuss these things with my friends. It truly enriches my life beyond measure.

    So I wish all of you a Happy Easter and all the joy that it brings me. Please don't think less of me if I say "May God Bless You!" because I want all those blessings for all of my friends. Peace be with all of you!

    (LCARES Challenge - email the data of the Ohio ARES NVIS test to

    The LCEMA Comm-ex...
    - The upcoming LCEMA Comm-ex promises to be an interesting exercise for us. It is ambitious but it is something that will do some technical good for us. Dave, N3SRO, has done his planning and I hope to have spoken with him on the phone by the time you read this but he is fired up about this. There will be a job for all of us so be sure to let him know that you are going to participate. His email is

    High Frequency Relay Tests on April 9th...
    It was kind of impromptu last week but it worked. At least it worked between WN3LIF and N3SRO, Dave Kirby, LCARES AEC. N3SRO called me at 9:00PM, just before the VHF bulletin transmission started, and asked about sending the bulletin on HF for an NVIS test. I am so glad that the people in the LCARES are smart because it was an instantaneous brain dump without a whole lot of explanation. There were some misunderstandings between N3SRO and WN3LIF but it was still a good test. N3SRO did the transmission on 3.583mHz using a center frequency of 1000Hz and the MFSK-64 modem. I copied him here without any missed blocks. Worked like a charm.

    So lets try it again this week. I know that K3DBG has offered to send the bulletin too so he might want to get into this act. It will be sent at the same time, 10:15PM. Frequency will be 3.583mHz with at center frequency of 1500Hz on the water fall. Keep your RxID on! We plan on MFSK64 but it is N3SRO's show so that may change.

    I have sent N3SRO a script for Flamp that will hopefully work. It did during testing here but there are modifications to be made by N3SRO to get it ready for this station. Where the file is located is the main thing. The scripting for Flamp is NOT intuitive and to get it to this point has been a lot of trial and error on my part. I wish it has been more scientific but it was a "By Guess and By Golly" effort.

    If you read this and can tune in at 10:15 please do.

    HF Near Vertical Incidence Frequency Selection...
    - High Frequency Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is tossed about rather casually by many in our amateur radio community. This web
    site has some very good information regarding NVIS and the frequencies to be used.

    While NVIS for most of us just happens because we cannot get our antennas, especially on 80 meters, high enough to avoid being NVIS oriented. For a true NVIS antenna the antenna needs to be at 1/8 wavelength above the ground. That is about 32 feet for us non-metric types. Some antennas such as loops thrive as NVIS and the closer to the ground the better. There have even been experiments using dipole antennas supported by traffic cones.

    When I was young and a new Ham I always wanted all to those high antennas but now all I wish for is a lot of trees to hang WIRES! I still marvel at the big antennas and appreciate how well they work but for me wires make the antenna. My 80 meter dipole's center is at 30 feet with the ends at 25 or so feet. In previous homes I have had dipoles between 25 and 35ft and they have always worked well for me. There is magic in those wires.

    April 22nd is the Ohio State NVIS Test. This has become a big event for our ARES Sisters and Brethren in Ohio. The information is at this link for their efforts on the 22nd. If you work this event let me know your results.

    There are references in the Idaho dissertation to ALE or Automatic Link Establishment which is used to determine the best frequency to be used for communication. This involves using two or more stations that use probing signals to see which one works the best. There are amateur radio implementations ALE and a web site to go along with it. It is an interesting science and if the software wasn't written in Windows I'd be more interested in it.

    N3SRO Cloud Photos...
    These have become very popular with the readers and N3SRO has supplied some more photos from a Pilot's Point of View. This came in late today so I am just going to include them with Dave's short narrative. You can click on the images for a larger view.

    N3SRO - "Anvil with some vertical penetration through the top"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    N3SRO - "Flew right over it...smooth ride"

    EPA-ARRL Web site...
    - If you have not done it yet then what are you waiting for? Get to the EPA-ARRL web site and either submit your email address or like it on Facebook. It is the place to get the information and news about the EPA Section.

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