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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Michael J Malone, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Michael J Malone

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    Over the years that the internet and boards and forums have existed, I have been a poster on quite a few; several of them have been fishing forums, but that is just between us. I would like to thank this forums owner and moderators for tolerating the diverse views and opinions that I and others have posted. The political thread section is brilliant and very enlightened. I truly enjoy it.

    However, this, first, is an emergency response website for Amateur Radio volunteers. I am not losing site of that as I post on the Political threads.

    Now, from politics back to ARES.

    I have a slue of certs, have been to many, many AUXCOM, EmCom, EmComm classes, have joined ARES and I am still looking for a berth. My days of being a big deal are finished. My professional life has been filled with accomplishments that most people never could dream of. Now, I just want to help.

    The refugee crisis in Europe - the immigrant crisis in the USA - they are both the same. They are crises for developing liberty and they are crises for security of each single individual.

    While the tag-your-it discussions I have been in are very refreshing, the real, looming disasters for petrodollar value, petroeuro value, petroyen value, and so on are true impending disasters. The leadership of all nations, both approaching actual liberty governments and old-fashioned, true tyrannies have failed to fully address the worth of the life of each individual.

    Because we live in this mixed and mixed-up world, anyone that values individuals can see that in the continued crap that groups will be forced to endure, something such as ARES can relieve some of the immediacy of pain and disaster that are sure to continue. This thought alone should drive ARES. Whether the crap is natural or contrived, ARES intends to help.

    When we, leadership and volunteers, have a clear picture as to how we are to prepare for our part, I want to be there. I want to help.

    Mike - WE3L
  2. wedgar

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    Glad you're here. Each one of us is unique and has varying opinions and beliefs. If we can calmly and rationally discuss different views and opinions we all gain. We might pick up a viewpoint we weren't aware of on a particular issue, or find out what another person considers very important to them.

    Being respectful is very important.

    We've only had one member of this forum who was given the boot and it wasn't for his beliefs or viewpoint, it was simply that he couldn't get along with other members. His posts were considered to be derogatory and abusive towards other members.

    By the way, thank you for your kind comments.

    - Bill
  3. wedgar

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    Personally, I am very concerned for our country. The illegal immigration issue is creating many problems for us. We have many US citizens who deserve a fair shake from the US gov't who in my opinion is passing them over to waste resources on people who shouldn't be in our country. In other words, we need to take care of our own before committing to taking care of others.

    We need to remember we are Americans first and foremost. If people in the US don't want to accept that, then they should move elsewhere.
  4. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    One of the things noticed in Europe is that the immigrants arriving at the Hungarian border are all well fed, well watered and wearing clean clothes.

    A surmice in Europe is that the refugees are orchestrated by a couple of groups. One is the Muslim Brotherhood. In the 1680'2, The Ottoman's attempted to take the Eastern half of the old Holy Roman Empire. The attempt ended in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna; the Turks were driven off and have wanted always to return. The Ottomans were the Caliphate; the Brotherhood wants to be the new Caliphate. One of the founders of the Brother and an early speader of Brotherhood thinking was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalum. The Mufti was also the Titular head of the Hanzar. The theory is reasonable.

    Another line of thought is George Soros and sorosian-likes are behind the refugee problem. This belief stems from a belief in some Europeen circles that Soros is instrumental in the US immigration/refugee problem and that Soros is just expanding his attempts at financial control of the universe and unhindered emmigration/immigration is a tool.
  5. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    Could not agree more! A difficult discussion often ensues at the point of 'is it time to take care of others and are we taking care of ourselves when we do?' As a nation it can be totally destructive if we attempt altruism.

    I believe that it can be difficult remembering we are US/us first when so many don't know what the us in US really is thus my tendancy to harp on teaching and education. Often wish I could find recognize some these days.
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  6. wedgar

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    I've read that as well. Also that they are arriving with latest in cell phones.


    I find it amazing that Soros has the influence with US polliticians even though he is not a US citizen...
  7. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    We can't take care of others until we have taken care of ourselves.

    I am also very concerned that in a very short period of time, Christianity is being pushed out of government, schools, communities, yet Muslim beliefs and teachings appear to be more widely accepted.
  8. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    people cannot exist unless they have common thinking and common beliefs. if there are common thoughts and beliefs, these beliefs and thoughts take the lead in determining the peoples group life choices. remove the beliefs, add in differing or confused thinking and sad souls that need strong leadership result. that's how sheeple are made. all politicians know sheeple need a shepleherder.

    I would disagree that muslim beliefs are promoted. what is promoted is muslims are ok and they are, now, an insulted group that needs protection. a group needing protection is a source of power. I don't believe that western politicians will, in the end, permit sharia law and the other tenets of islam to stop their hands from reaching into the till or get their there butts off the thrones. they have never let the constitution stop them, here, or reasonable laws stop them elsewhere.

    basically, I don't believe that any politician really cares about any one else.
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  9. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    I have seen news articles where school kids have been taught about Islam in school but Christianity isn't permitted in the same school.
  10. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    I do not disagree with your statements about what is physically occurring. A different view of why it is occurring, I BELIEVE, showes the real danger and the attempted harm.

    1) White privilege; does it even exist? I don't believe so but it is a tool to divide, take our chidrens' attention and respect away from us and give power to liars. In no 'white privilege conversations' have I heard a single concern about how the federal courts dissolved three pensions I had banked after working two full time jobs for decades. I am, surely, one of the very privileged European decent persons that needed my privilege curtailed. And, I have actually been told, been told personally, that I am better off financially because I am white even though two of the dissolved pensions were dissolved as a result of the suits filed by my black employers.

    Signed - Pensionless in Bensalem - actually pension reduced and still OK but I will take the woo-is-me tack and claim absolute foul and go for political gain so now I am pensionless.

    2) The persons pushing Islam are actually giving a mixed and distorted message and part of that message is that the USA is bad and has really done nothing but bad things in its entire existance. Islam itself is not being pushed but being a Muslim is. What is being left out is that while millions are Muslims, which means that one adheres to and is observant in Islam, Muslim peoples all over the world have been hurt by the USA. Be a Muslin for a day or a week in school tries to teach or children that Muslims are OK people. This being OK is then tied to the USA hurts Muslims all over the world and skips the need to show how the USA actually hurt different people. Such people as Berbers, Egyptians, Arabs, the seventeen groups that make up the peoples of Iran, the fourteen cultures that makes up the seven nations that have stan at the end of thier name and on and on all the way to the Musilm tribes of the Phillipines. AND, the tale continues, the USA hurt all of these OK people because the USA is Christian. It is a concerted attempt to take our children and grandchildren away from us and our beliefs - one of which is the USA is good - at least it is better than it was when we were Europeans and it is getting better. But there is no power to be siezed in a goodness message. The power to be siezed is only in the USA is bad message and you need ME or US to be in charge to fix it.

    3) Pushing Muslim is just a ploy. As soon as it is adventageous for lying power seekers, the Muslims will also be vilified.

    In all of these little social experiments in school, not one bit of complete history is being taught. As an example, on this forum, I have spoken of the Hanzars, the 14th Mountain SS infantry division that operated in the Balkans in WWII at commited enormous attrocities against the Serbs, and others, because they were Slavic Christians and Jews. This was an all Muslim, not Arab, unit with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem as it leader, not commander. Its actions were part and parcel of the hatred that led to the Third Balkan War in 1991. There was also the Free Arab Legion formed in Syria and Iraq. It became part of the 41st Infantry Division, not an SS unit, that served in Greece. One of its main jobs was killing Jews. Could any of this led to the heightened tensions between Israel and its neighbors in the twenty plus years of wars between 1945 and 1980 in the middle east.

    What about Moulay Ismail, a Berber, that controlled Algeria and Morracco with an army of 150,000 black slaves. He was called the bloodthirsty.

    I have written before about the need for education. No society is free of sickos, freaks, murderers, rapists, thieves, the power thirsty, etc. They need to be controlled. They can actually be controlled by a well-informed gathering of the good people in each society; a gathering that is active. The 'Muslim in school' thing is an actual power-grabbing bad action by those that believe in no God in conjunction with some of those that follow Allah.
  11. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    I find it difficult not to stress how much I believe complete information is important and how much I believe, in the end, all people are the same. There is a common mix of good and bad, interesting and dull, saintly and evil, etc. in all populations. Most are good or willing to follow good. Information and information based goals and then desires are what hold groups together. Bad information or incomplete information lead to mis-guided goals and mis-guided groups. Be a Muslin, or a tiny little bit like a Muslim, in school while you are fed crap about America being bad or whites are prvileged and you can easily become mis-guided. In this nonsense, no truth is being taught; it is just propoganda.

    So in the hope of a little information sharing, along with the Hanzar, all Muslin, 13th SS Infantry Division in the Balkans and the Free Arab Legion in Greece, there were also the Azeriss Volunteers, the Azerbaijani Legion and the 162nd Vehrmacht 'Turkish' Infantry Division on the Russian front for the Nazis. All specialized in killing Jews and Slavs. The 162nd members that returned to Turkey took up the cause of completing the genocide of the Armenians begun after WWI by the Caliphate.

    I pick these because they are recent, part of daily still-goins-on and not taught to our deliberately less-than-fully-informed citizenry.

    By-the-by, thanks for letting me babble on.

    Mike - WE3L
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  12. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    It is believable that previously and in certain areas "white privilege" did exist. Perhaps it still may exist somewhere in the US. I think it is more of "do-gooders" that are trying to right the wrongs of society. Even when it flys in the face of common sense. It seems to me there are more of these do-gooders in education and in government.

    It isn't just in the US that the Muslims are pushing Islam. We see evidence of this in Europe with all of the refugees from Syria trying to emigrate to European countries claiming refugee status. Additionally, it also appears that many claiming refugee status are well fed, well dressed men (less women and children).

    Fair and unbiased education is a requirement, however many colleges/universities have very liberal leaning educators who don't seem to be unbiased in their teaching.
  13. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    I am very tired of the Washington Speak which to me is deceitful.

    The current US administration campaigned on transparency - quite frankly, it is my belief that we haven't seen much transparency at all. The Pacific Trade Agreement was not open to US citizens, and in fact, our congressional leaders had to review the agreement without aides, notes or pictures to review it. Yet it was passed.

    The deal with Iran, had several secret parts that were not revealed to the American public, and if I'm not mistaken, were hidden from our congressional leaders also.

    It is no wonder that many people according to a recent poll that the US has lost its 'greatness'
  14. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    Amen Wedgar! (AKA William C.) I like to push the mid-twentieth century stuff only because it shows how persons of my age actually were incompletely informed. I see my school time as the beginning of the modern age of dis-enlightenment; modern age in that the world is now so small because of technology.

    At LaSalle University, I was actually severely dinked in one nursing class because I was Catholic. And at La Salle College, I was put out of two classes because I came to class in uniform one day even though uniform wearing was a requirement for that entire day. Talk about suppressing Christians (and I am not saying this as a joke).
  15. Michael J Malone

    Michael J Malone Active Member

    I sort of believe that I have pretty weel covered the view I wished to exprees in this thread. If there is anything I thing that might be added is that none of this is new even though I like to concentrate on WWII and after. For your entertainment then:

    New York City
    July 31, 1913

    For immediate release to the Public,

    "In the execution of its duty to give educational value and moral worth to the recreational activities of the boyhood of America, the leaders of the Boy Scout Movement quickly learned that to effectively carry out its program, the boy must be influenced not only by his out-of-door life but also in the diversions of his other leisure moments. It is at such times that the boy is captured by the tales of daring enterprises and adventurous good times. What now is needful is not that his taste be twarted but trained. There should constantly be presented to him the books the boy likes best, yet always the books that will be best for the boy. As a matter of fact, however, the boy's taste is being constantly vitiated and exploited by the great mass of cheap juvenile literature."

    James E. West CSE

    1) cheap means of poor moral standard not inexpensive - the greater meaning on cheap has been washed out today.
    2) isn't this what Muslim day in school is all about - a vitiation of the youth?
    3) "it's been going on now for ten thousand years" - a song from a basically communist set of songsters actually bemoaning things like the BSA.
    4) The phrase out-of-doors in this letter - the hyphenated phrase that inspired me to write with a lot of hyphens.
    5) maybe there is something here for ARES - something about activities.
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