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Discussion in 'Contesting' started by W.T. Jones, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Seems that this forum has way too little activity. At the risk of being branded a Charlatan, I'll admit to enjoying a contest or two even though I am an ARES EC. According to some pundits those two just don't go together.

    I am a Ham Radio operator first. OK, lets step back a bit. I am a Competitive Shooter first. There is something about competition that just lights the fires and makes me want to kick the tires and go. It gets the juices going in this old body. So I am a Ham Radio Operator second and I do make good use of my time being the County EC. But I do like getting out there and trying contests. I don't do well but then again I am not one of those that will spend the entire weekend glued to the rig for the contest. That is why I like the Sprints. Short and sweet with a set time period so that I can schedule things around the contest.

    Some day, just some day, I am going to go after one of the big contests. If for no other reason but to determine if I can sit in the chair for that long.

    Anybody out there read QST. I don't care if it is the digital form or the paper form. Did you happen to catch the Club Sprint idea. It may have been an April Fools Joke which I don't think belongs in a National Journal of Ham Radio but the idea caught my eye. And I am always looking for activities to make the club members move a little bit because I really fear that some of them might get Deep Vein Thrombosis if they continue to sit in one spot and never move.

    So this Club Sprint idea has been bouncing around in the gray computer for a few weeks. I think it can work and might be something that will be of interest so some of the contesters in the club as well.

    What I am thinking about is picking a Sunday Afternoon or Evening and setting a 1 hour period for the Sprint. The object is to work as many club members on 2 meters without the use of a repeater. OK, for the FM group that would mean simplex only. The Sprint would not be limited to FM though. Any mode goes as long as it is legal. So the 2 meter SSB guys would have some reason for being there and even running some digital modes would be OK.

    When I first started this idea I thought it would be only for our club but there are people out there that just want to complicate our lives. The other two clubs in the valley want in on the idea as well as two of the clubs in neighboring counties. OK, no problem there. Something else to stir into the mix. The ARES group which covers the county suggested activating the EOC for the Sprint too. The fellow said give out the contact points but as a bonus for working the EOC give them 50 bonus points. I think this guy has an ulterior motive here but I don't know what it is just yet.

    The exchange would be zip code (got that from the article) and club. Simple enough. I don't think that would tax the gray computer too much.

    The scoring would be the number of contacts x the number of modes used x the number of clubs contacted plus any bonus points. And here is the real stumper. That number would be divided by the power output. That would keep the big guys on the hill with the kilowatt on 2 in line a bit.

    So 10 contacts x 2 modes (SSB and FM) x 2 clubs would be 40 points. If the rig was running 50 watts out, the final score would be .8. I think we'll multiply by some number so that we have whole numbers for the results.

    The deal would be at the end of the contest the participant would email me the scores and I would tally the results for the next meeting. A certificate showing the winner would be issued.

    I've got until August to iron out these details but I think that it would be a lot of fun and introduce some of the club members who never get off 2 meters to the fun of competition.

    Any comments? Any more ideas to make it more fun? Respond to the thread.
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  2. wedgar

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    What about relays from other counties and points for that?
  3. W.T. Jones

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    Are you one of those people that likes to complicate my life?

    But you do give me another idea.

    Remember the old Transcontinental Relays back in the 20s? The ones that originated a message on the East Coast and sent it across country and got the reply back in minutes?

    What about a Trans-Pennsylvania relay contest on 2m simplex? All the way from Easton, PA, to Erie, PA. Or Pittsburgh, whatever.

    Have to think about that one and how to get the clubs interested in doing it.
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  4. wedgar

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    Exactly! Perhaps a plaque for the club with the most relays?
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    What are you doing up at 0244hrs?
    Even I was in bed at that time.
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    Some body had to be on duty to help out those in the forums. :rolleyes:

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