“Most Unusual Expedition” Ever to Rely on Amateur Radio Ended 67 Years Ago

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  1. Sixty-seven years ago, on August 7, 1947, the maritime mobile station LI2B concluded its journey from South America by washing ashore on an island in French Polynesia. It was better known as the Kon-Tiki, a raft constructed largely from balsa logs. Norwegian explorer and ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl wanted to prove that people from South America may have migrated to Polynesia, and he took Amateur...

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    National Radio Company! Good equipment!

    The book "200 Meters and Down" lists expeditions of the 1920s and 1930s that relied on Amateur Radio of the day to keep in contact with "home" where ever that may have been. It is just one of the most fascinating books on Amateur Radio that I have ever read.

    Of course, there are not many books out there about Amateur Radio. The Handbook is nice but rather dry and the plot is miserable.

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